London Adventure - Part Two

January 21, 2008 (Monday)

The day's adventure began with the famous 9 3/4 station at King's Cross. It was shabbier than I expected, with construction work going on nearby. From there we strolled to Charles Dickens Museum. What I appreciate about it is that they've collected real artifacts used by Dickens. I wish I had known this author better, instead of just having some vague memory of his abridged novels.

Why did so many friends tell me that British Museum was a bore? They haven't joined the many free tours maybe. We had a look at the Divine Cat exhibition, displaying an ancient Egyptian cat statue. Then we joined a 50-minute tour on Egypt and another tour on ancient Rome. These tours were like brief history classes, with just limited reference to the exhibits. But I liked them anyway. Saw the Egyptian mummies, Rosetta Stone and Chinese collection.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221b Baker Street was a real disappointment. Costing 6 pounds to enter, it offered some wax statues of Holmes crime scenes and a lousy gift shop. Holmes and Dr. Watson's study redeemed it somehow, and we rejoiced with a photo or two there.

Selfridges & Co. department store has a fame for its artistic window display. We went to the one on Oxford Street. The window displays were decorated with white stripes of paper (it's hard to describe). It's minimal but elegant. We shopped for a little while down at the food hall.

Be sure to walk to the end of Marylebone Lane and turn at the corner to find Golden Hind fish & chips. Owned and run by Greeks, this Lonely-Planet-recommended eatery didn't disappoint me. The fried haddock was finger-licking good.